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Who is taikedz/DuCakedHare?

My name is Tai, and I hail from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I’m a Free and Open Source Software enthusiast, and a Linux hobbyist aiming to make inroads to bringing Linux to the casual desktop user.

Multi-cultural, polyglot and moderately traveled, I am a customer support specialist by trade, jack-of-all-hobbies in life, and self-taught in programming, guitar playing, songwriting and singing, photography, creative writing, and things.

I like learning about a variety of topics (from whence the self-teaching), and I like to share my newly acquired knowledge. I write this blog for that purpose, but also to help strcuture and verify my thoughts.

“Scrambling for napkins? Fumbling for pens?” – The best ideas come at the worst possible moments, in fleeting incoherent bursts, when incredibly busy. That’s when anything will do to keep note of it. Assuming you also have something to write with.

Other interests

Apart from the more proactive pursuits of programming and art, I have a love for anime. I have a long-standing admiration for Studio Ghibli, the Ghost in the Shell series and one short series specifically, Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojou.

Another anime I love is Summer Wars, and its message around the importance of eating with family, daily. yes, my other interest is… eating. More accurately, I like hunting out enjoyable dining experiences. Good food, good service, no gimmicks. I’m not quite as likely to comment on it, though I have been thinking of building a full list for Edinburgh, with side notes, to keep for guests…




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  • Good Day Sir,

    I ran into your contact information from Linux Rig article. I was really excited to see someone that A. loves open source, B. working to get Linux to the common and C. looking to revive a great tool like gitso. I would love to help out as well on that project if you are serious about getting it back up and running. Please feel free to reach out to me at the email above.

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