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Some musings when reading a post on The Vagenda – original article concerning how Page 3 is not about social class, but about basic decency and how the continued practice of publishing such images has far reaching impacts on everyone – not just the girls in the pictures and the people actively viewing them.


I thought the censors were doing their job. I was going to suggest having The Sun (and similar rags) rated 18 and shelved out of reach. But I’ve seen magazine stands lately. There’s no such thing as a “top shelf” or “porn out of reach of kids.”

I know kids have access to Internet, but it’s the difference between whether they seek out the titillation, or have it shoved in their faces

It’s the difference between what is socially acceptable to be openly discussed and what is not.

Calling out that a girl could go on page 3 seems more acceptable than suggesting she could do webcam porn part-time.

Men in a pub can discuss page 3 girls openly, or comment on their copy of Nuts or Zoo, but none of them will be so open about what porn DVDs they rent or what XXX sites they have a paid subscription to.

Some very telling examples of why of “our” “lad culture” is so harmful is summed up in the original article:

Let me share a few experiences of The Sun from when I was growing up:
1)1986 on holiday. I was six. My mum and I were forced to eat our sandwiches on the wall outside the Haven holiday camp café, because two men at the next table were holding up Page Three and loudly talking about how they wanted to ‘do that.’
2)1992 at school. I ran home in tears after a group of builders taunted me by saying, ‘You’ll be on Page Three when you’re older and your tits get bigger.’

3)1998 at work. A group of men in a pub I worked in compared my breasts to those of the model on Page Three, saying, ‘It’s difficult to tell – let’s give ‘em a feel, then we’ll know how big they are’, before trying to grab my breasts while I was serving a customer.

So much for the nation of gentlemen who are reputed for saying “sorry” all the time.

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