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Art – but no thought for money?

I often read quotes from successful artists – including writers – who insist that they started out with little income, if any, and that in working, they would give little consideration to money, if any at all.

But then I wonder, “if you were making as astoundingly little as you say, how the devil did you survive?

“How did you physically go about subsisting once you had decided that your artistic endeavours trumped all else, even if you may not make a dime from any of them?

“How much of it was down to shrewdness? How much came down to luck? And how much support did you get, from whom – and were they all willing supporters from the start? Or were you even one of those who had help thrust upon them before greatness?

“And, if it were your own dream-filled, bright-eyed, empassioned child you were to advise, and you hadn’t a penny or pencil left to give them yourself: would you recommend they walk that same path?”

I’m sure they mean to foster encouragement – but budding artists in their early days still have to face the fact that they need a plan that doesn’t involve “ditching” their current lifeline – and they’d love to hear how their heroes made it through.

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