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Sony Alpha 350 – my review

I wrote the following in a response to a review of the Sony a350 camera that I have. Unfortunately, the response is limited to 250 characters… This is, for the record, my entire response/review.

Review on PhotoRadar.com

“I upgraded to a a350 once I decided that I was fairly competent with my Kodak point-and-shoot. The appeal of DSLR and having control over the main functionalities of shutter speed and focus made me choose this one, with advice from a salesperson, who stated the equivalent would have been an old Canon with a smaller number of Mega-pixels. The only drawback really was supposed to be that Sony is slightly behind the so-called leaders Nikon and Canon in terms of release dates for the latest lens technologies.

“The plastic does feel slightly cheap – the flap for accessing the memory card excessively so – but overall, the claim in this artucle that the switches etc are clumsy did not phase me. I was, as I say, upgrading from a compact, and such complexity was not unexpected. It does not take long to get used to, so long as you’re expecting some sort of learning curve any way. I don’t think I’d recommend getting it if you’ve already got more advanced cameras, as that would probably be a downgrade anyway, but from an upgrade point of view, all the dials and switches are reassuring…

“I have since bought a 50mm/f1.8 prime lens to accompany the kit 18-70mm/f.3.5-5.6 which does offer somewhat better images, and it (the prime) has become my preferred lens, the kit lens only coming in when I want to take shots al lengths shorter than 50mm.

“The mirror “snap” does sound very lunky compared to the Nikons I’ve heard and handled briefly. Most of the time though I do live music photography, so it’s pretty inaudible. But I don’t think a wildlife amateur would take to kindly to it. It *is* quite loud.

“All in all, anyone who’s upgrading directly from a compact will find this a very good buy. The only real thing is the necessity for some other lenses, but who’d stay satisfied with what they have anyway….?”

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