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Use RTFM !

RTFM is a new process which TechSup Inc. are rolling out to all its customers.

The application of RTFM process guarantees 24/7 troubleshooting assistance, aiding you to attain your market goals by identifying and addressing with high precision the key issues in your Software and Hardware solutions, without extensive requirement of costly consulting time.

Critical business components can be setup, deployed and maintained with up to 60% efficiency gain by RTFM.

At setup time, RTFM ensures a rapid understanding of a complex system by breaking down the core concepts into understandable units, which may be cross-referenced at any point. Agents no longer need to treat their solution like a complete black box, since RTFM allows further understanding of the process at play.

At deploy time, RTFM ensures that agents know what behaviour they should expect, having the precise knowledge of what the actual intended behaviour is.

Iterative application of RTFM ensures that agents are able to identify key concerns, and take pre-emptive steps to avoid unplanned down time in their solution system.

So why wait? Use RTFM now!

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