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Revving up for Apalmia

It’s Saturday morning, and I am sitting here in front of my Mac wondering what to do…. I want to do some recording but my friend is still asleep in the spare room, don’t want to wake her up… even though it is 11:30!

I have heaps of notes to deal with surrounding Apalmia – writings that need typing up and editing, documentation on alphabets, number systems, the tetraic tradition… I even have some concepts for martial arts and warriors (good grief!)

I think the first item on the agenda though is a map – I need to start planning the geography of Apalmia to set stories in, and come up with a few extra creatures to populate the world with (I already have a soaring tiger like thing, and an aquatic dragon-fish… it’s a start)

I particularyly want to define the sort of magic and sorcery in use in this world. I saw Miyazaki’s rendition of Tales from Earthsea and the mage there said somthing along the lines of “the world is in a perfect yet delicate balance, and casting a spell upsets this balance; hence a spell must only be cast when in the most dire need”. It’s a very interesting concept, even one which I would love to incorporate, but it won’t suit for what I plan on the lines of magic. I’d rather give the mages other reasons to not reveal themselves.

Another show that influenced my imagination of how magic would be introduced was RahXephon, with the instrumentalists, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

In Zelda, magical effects can be produced when Link (the protagonist) plays a certain melody on his ocarina, changing the weather, or moods of people, or even teleporting. In RahXephon however, it can suffice that the Instrumentalist sing a single note to unleash destruction on a massive scale… I am also imagining on top of that arts of summoning animals, spirits and armies. War will be ever so melodious….

Ah la la, here I am talking about all these things I wish to incorporate…. It would be about time I start writing the stories themselves!

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