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I am easily amused.

When you type into your Google search bar, you get suggested searches that others have typed – not simply those that are popular, but just any that vaguely match (in the case where not many searches have been done).

Searching on operating system names and letting the suggestions display is a fun way of seeing their popularity (and also as far from scientific and statistically relevant as you can get with public data…!)

So with that in mind, let’s chuckle:


01 why is windows

As expected, everyone is moaning about Windows. To be fair, it’s also the most widely deployed OS so there’ll be a lot of natter and a lot of complaining just by the nature of its being used a lot.

Then there’s the standard turf war between Windows and Apple’s OS X and “we’re better than you” posts. Or maybe genuine curiosity. More likely though someone looking for backup arguments.


02 why is os x

Of course, the same questions exist over on the Mac side of the fence. Further similarities include people wondering why Apple is giving away OS X just as Microsoft will be giving away Windows 10 – at least for a bit.

Maybe a bit more insistence that OS X is better than Windows…

And the complaints. “why so slow” , “why so bad” …


03 why is ubuntu

It’s the “most popular Linux distro” according to Linux media – at least on desktops in the marketplace, and most vendors shipping Linux on laptops use Ubuntu as first choice.

So as per my statement above – it will get ranted about and complaints of performance, simply because it’s “widely” distributed amongst consumers.

But then there are some very positive noises in the form of asking about its importance, people asking why it’s actually good (wehey! positivity!) and the same “freebies” question which will no doubt get askers introduced to the concept of sofware users freedom.


04 why is linux

OK so now we get slightly more savvy/technologically curious questions. Of course, there’s the turf war at the top, but there’s a focus on computing-specific topics.

Decidedly, if you “run Linux” you probably have a technical background, but if you “have Ubuntu” you might be either of the technical crowd, or one of the “it came with the PC” folks.

I’m all for Ubuntu being its own brand apart from Linux – so long as it remains Linux overall – if for no other reason than keeping the land lubbers out of the tumultuous Linux sea…

Chrome OS

05.0 why is chrome os

People are aware of Chrome OS, but not many people are talking about it as an OS. Too small to enter the fray, probably bought by those who don’t really care anyway.

I’d probably have found more by looking up “why are chromebooks” …


05.1 why are chromebooks

… there seems to be confusion in the ranks.


06 why is bsd

BSD brings its own turf war on Linux, nipping at the heels of its oh-so-popular cousin. Or at least the fans are I’m told the BSD developers don’t really give a hoot about what Linux is up to, which in a fandom turf war is probably a very healthy stance…


07 why is pcbsd

Shh. Nobody rang your bell, lad.

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