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Watcher-RSS : Your own, Personal, Feeder


I finally got around to putting together some initial code for that thing I wanted – a script to detect changes in a page and produce an RSS entry as an outcome.

watcher-rss” is just that – a simple script that can be called by cron to check a page for a significant area, and generate an RSS “feed” in response.

It’s designed such that you need to define a bash handler script that sets the required variables; after that it can generate an RSS entry in response to anything.

I am currently using it to monitor two things: the Sinfest.net comic site which currently does not have an RSS feed, and the FOSDEM events schedule which doesn’t publish sequentially or on any regular basis.

I have licensed it under the GNU Affero GPL v3.0 because if it does prove generally useful (it’s so simple I might be reinventing a wheel but hey ho), the source won’t get closed off into a service. A matter pf principle.

So go ahead, use it, copy it, fork it on github (https://github.com/taikedz/watcher-rss), improve it, and share your efforts. Issue me a pull request if you want – I’d be only too happy šŸ™‚

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