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Smash – the snack

At some point I’m going to compile a list of tips and recipes for lunching at the office – for situations where you only have a spoon, bowl, fridge, microwave and kettle, like many office and lab kitchens I’ve seen so far…

Here’s one such recipe.

Smash – a brand of instant mashed potatoes in the UK – is a fairly easy to come by commodity. Most of my friends shudder at the thought of it and wonder why I even keep any in my pantry.

Now I know better than to use it to serve anybody but myself – but I also know that it can be a perfectly decent fill-in for when you’re too lazy/tired to cook, and can be made to taste perfectly fine – it’s just dessicated potatoes. The trick is not to follow the instructions on the packet – the end result of doing so does indeed taste awful.

Thankfully, an equivalent product I used to eat in France, called Mousseline, gives much better instructions – which I simply re-use here.

  • 6-7 tbsp Smash flakes
  • 100 mL milk
  • 100 mL boiling water
  • knob of butter
  • salt & pepper

Put the Smash flakes in a bowl, along with the butter, salt and pepper, then add the milk.

Add the boiling water now, and stir repeatedly. At first it’ll start off as watery nothingness, and gradually coalesce into creamy potato-y snackage.

If necessary, pass through the microwave for about 15 seconds before stirring, as the flakes absorb the liquids better when hotter, and the cold milk makes the biling water tepid.

Add some peas (not the tinned stuff mind – heated from frozen is best) and ham or frankfurters for a more filling dish.

Voila, easy to make at the office, or in the evening if you want to be minimalist in effort.

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